Lake House
Woy Woy Bay, NSW

To be commenced

Passive Solar, Recycled Materials, Thermal Mass,
Connection to Place


Conceived as a contemporary ‘Lake House’ with its quiet, peaceful holiday cabin-like connotations, this project is perched on the shore of the picturesque Brisbane Water inlet on the NSW Central Coast.

Always peaceful but never still, the Brisbane Water lake system is constantly moving and subtly changing with tidal currents, water birds, boats and colours that change with the time of day. This house is designed to be a peaceful and modest participant in the lake-side ‘theatre’; deferential to it’s unique and beautiful setting but layered and rich in materials selection, space planning and place making. A naturally weathering face brick base anchors the form to the estuary bank, allowing the weathered hardwood timber volume of the upper levels to float above, gesturing towards the water views and complimenting the many layers, hues and tones of the natural wetlands location.