Beach House
Hayborough, SA


Passive Solar, 40,000 ltr water storage


Designed as a flexible, robust holiday home for an active and extended family, this house sits on the back of the dune on the picturesque south coast of South Australia.

The plan form is compact with durable external materials that compliment the subtle colours of the dune environment. The roof form is designed to minimise exposure to winter winds & storms. Roof & canopy overhangs provide passive summer protection from the sun whist allowing winter sun to permeate the house & reduce the need for additional heating.

Internal spaces are designed to maximise the coastal & regional views whilst providing for social connection between the individual spaces and occupants. The un-folding stairway acts as a thermal chimney, light-well & encourages natural ventilation through the 3 levels of the house. Water conservation measures were made including 20,000 litres storage for all house- hold supply & a grey-water system for irrigation.