New Family Home
Phegans Bay, NSW

To be commenced in 2022

Passive solar, natural ventilation, recycled materials, connection to place


This new home in the beautiful leafy suburb of Phegans Bay is located on a vegetated site backing onto Brisbane Water national park. The design seeks to provide connection to this special place in a range of ways from outdoor spaces that connect with the national park to the views across the water observing the changing seasonal colours of the Brisbane Water estuary.

It is perched on a steep rocky promontory overlooking the bay on a sheltered east facing hillside. The sites’ vegetation and topography limits availability of sunlight through winter months and so accessing and controlling sunlight into the home was a key consideration in its form and design.

High level east and north facing windows capture availability sunlight allowing it to filter through the dwellings through carefully located paths such as stairwells and passageways. These interstitial spaces also act to promote natural ventilation paths through the home, limiting the need for artificial air conditioning and maximizing the ability to enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces more fully. Vehicles, services and entry lobby are contained in the lower level which acts as a masonry podium in the hillside, anchoring the lighter living space above.